Q: What is Blow Molding?

A: Blow molding is a low-pressure process in which a hot, hollow pre-form is blown into a larger, more complex hollow shape. Many thermoplastic resins and engineering resins may be used for molding of bottles, industrial and technical-parts applications.

Q: What type of products are suitable for Blow Molding?

A: Blow molding is used to create hollow plastic products with an opening or neck. Custom molds can be developed to produce complex designs and multi-cavity containers. Examples include bottles, containers, vials, and ampoules. 

Q: What is the difference between injection molding and blow molding?

A: Injection molding is commonly used to make solid parts by injecting plastic into a mold, while blow molding can only be used to produce hollow parts. Custom mold cavities designed to be used in the blow molding process can be much more cost effective than custom molds used for injection molding.  

Q: I have an idea for a novel item which I would like to patent. Where do I go from here?

A: First and foremost, conduct a search to determine if your idea has perhaps already been patented or publicly disclosed. You can make a very brief preliminary search on-line at uspto.gov, but thorough patent searching is a skill, and it is not easy. If you should find no evidence of public disclosure, do not assume that your invention has not been patented. A complete and meaningful search is difficult for a novice and is best done by a registered, licensed patent attorney.  

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